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About Jeannette

Over the last 10 years I’ve coached hundreds of people like you to use law of attraction to get what they want. I’ve also used those manifesting skills myself to create interesting adventures in my own love life. For better or for worse, this book is what I’ve learned about using LOA to manifest love.


How to Use Law of Attraction in Relationships

Most of us can think of ways our relationships could be better …
... we could be happier, getting or giving more support, or experiencing more intimacy. We could have more fun or maybe share responsibilities more equally.
Or maybe we don’t have a love relationship at all yet and we’d like that to fire up a rockin' love life.
This ebook is for those who want to use law of attraction to enhance their relationships.
Whether it’s creating a new one, improving an existing one, or figuring out what to do with one that’s sometimes good and sometimes not so good …
… this ebook is designed to help you embrace your power to create the love life you prefer.

We’ll cover the gamut together - from the most important relationship (the one with our Self), to prepping for new love, to attracting love interests, to successful dating, to enhancing existing relationships, even to navigating breakups.
Since I couldn’t very well tell client stories, it’s filled with my own real life situations in using deliberate creation skills to manifest what I wanted in my love life.
Some of these stories are embarrassing. Every one of them is revealing, but shared with the intention to inspire you as to what works and what doesn't. You'll read about my missteps as well as successes.
But this is LOA for love in the real world, and if I can do anything to help you harness your power to create the love you want, telling a private story or two is a small price to pay. 
The concepts and principles shared in this ebook are not just pie-in-the-sky airy fairy ideas that don’t translate in the real world.
This stuff translates. These methods will transform your love life.

And learning to focus your creative power in service of your love life is one of the most powerful skills you’ll embrace. 
In your copy of “LOA for Love” you’ll learn:

  • What to do before you do anything with anyone (I know that sounds dramatic, but it really is important!)
  • How to spot your love story and why it matters
  • Tips for upgrading the story you tell about your relationships
  • A manifesting technique that can dramatically change how your dating life unfolds
  • 3 manifesting ground rules for using law of attraction in love
  • How to successfully navigate difficult conversations
  • Where your manifesting powers are best applied when it comes to love
  • How to stop sabotaging your loved ones with the way you think
  • How law of attraction can help with your sex life
  • 3 tips for all lovers
  • Q&A section for most commonly asked questions from readers
  • LOA savvy words of advice for navigating breakups
  • How I used law of attraction to resolve a love triangle
  • The technique I used to attract a keeper in three short weeks
  • How I kept my vibe straight when going though challenging breakups
  • Why I (sort of) regret successfully manifesting that he regretted breaking up with me

    … and more.

You might guess this is not your typical book about manifesting love. I poured all my love into it to help you be a rock star manifester of successful relationships.

In addition to amping up your love life, the tips and processes you pick up here can also be applied to transforming relationships at work and with family.

Pick up your copy of my LOA for Love ebook now for $17.

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Here's what others are saying about LOA for Love:

"Thank you for writing the book - I truly believe it's one of the best I've read in a very long time. At the end of the day, it's all about how you truly feel about yourself and what you align yourself to." - Sandra A.

"I came across Jeannette's amazing blog in 2007 and then as now she provides me with my best understanding of the Law of Attraction in new thought-provoking ways.  This book goes beyond the typical "visualize what you want and then it happens" advice and reads more like the Bible.  I want to re-read it in small sections to savor the material and let it sink in.

The practical-minded of you will want to know, most importantly does this work to "get the guy"?  In my experience, the guy does call and the relationship gets better than ever if you embody what this book talks about!  My other friend went from being done with her boyfriend to being back in love with him in about five minutes (he actually ended up reaching out to her) using what Jeannette teaches, and the fun thing is you don't have to "do" anything.  Shift your vibration and miraculously the outside world responds to you!" - Kelly M.

"CONGRATULATIONS on another great ebook! Could be the best money somebody ever spends!" - Anna B.

"Your upbeat, simplistic way of teaching is perfect! .....short, sweet, entertaining, but really gets the point across. I particularly love your personal stories." - Patty S.


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